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Bhookh Foundation: Alleviating Hunger, One Meal at a Time

In the bustling streets of Delhi, where the contrast between abundance and scarcity is stark, a beacon of hope shines through – the Bhookh Foundation. Founded by the compassionate Mr. Paramjeet Singh, this non-profit organization has been tirelessly working to combat hunger and alleviate the plight of the underprivileged.


Bhookh Foundation
Bhookh Foundation


A Heartfelt Commitment:

Mr. Paramjeet Singh, the driving force behind Bhookh Foundation, exemplifies selflessness and unwavering dedication. He has committed over 70% of his personal income towards this noble cause, demonstrating a profound commitment to the well-being of his fellow citizens. It is this spirit of benevolence that sets the foundation apart, turning it into a catalyst for positive change in Delhi’s streets.



Fighting Hunger, One Meal at a Time:

Every day, the Bhookh Foundation sets out to make a tangible difference in the lives of those struggling with hunger. Their volunteers traverse the streets, distributing nutritious, free meals to the hungry and destitute. Through this simple yet profound act, they provide sustenance and a glimmer of hope to countless individuals who would otherwise go to bed with empty stomachs.

The Impact:

The impact of Bhookh Foundation’s efforts is evident in the faces of those they serve. The gratitude and relief expressed by recipients of their meals are a testament to the foundation’s meaningful work. Beyond the immediate relief provided, the foundation also strives to create awareness about the pervasive issue of hunger in society.




A Call for Support:

As the Bhookh Foundation continues its tireless mission, it seeks the support of compassionate individuals and organizations alike. Donations play a crucial role in sustaining the foundation’s operations and expanding its reach. Even the smallest contributions can make a significant difference in the lives of those struggling with hunger.


Mr. Paramjeet Singh’s personal commitment to the cause is an inspiration, but he acknowledges that collective effort is needed to truly make a dent in the battle against hunger. Through the generous contributions of donors, the foundation can extend its reach and impact, ensuring that no one goes to bed hungry in the streets of Delhi.

A QR Code for Convenience:

To facilitate donations, the foundation has provided a QR code, making it easy for anyone willing to support their cause. Every donation, regardless of size, is a step towards filling hungry stomachs and bringing hope to those in need.



Scan this QR code and let your kindness be the beacon of hope for those in need.

Thank you for being the light in someone’s darkest hour





Bhookh Foundation stands as a shining example of the positive change that is possible when compassion meets action. Mr. Paramjeet Singh’s unwavering dedication and personal sacrifice serve as an inspiration to all. By joining hands with this remarkable foundation, we can collectively work towards a hunger-free Delhi and a brighter future for all its citizens. Let us remember that no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. Together, we can make a difference.


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